Free Nutrition Masterclass with Dr Catriona Walsh

Thursday 29th April 2021 at 8pm

Can you remember a more critical time to look after your health? We all know now that common modern conditions like obesity, high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure put you at increased risk of severe COVID-19 illness. But why’s it so hard to keep on track with your good intentions to eat healthily? 

Our modern food landscapes already made it harder to eat nutritious food than to lick your own elbow. Everywhere you turn, Big Food is seducing you with clever marketing to get you to buy their addictive but unhealthy junk foods. But this past year has been a disaster for many people’s waistlines, energy levels and moods.

The stress has been relentless now for more than 12 months. So know you’re not alone if you’ve found yourself: 

  • eating your feelings, 
  • drinking more than you should through boredom and stress, 
  • sleeping like a baby… with terrible colic who won’t get over to sleep, 
  • and avoiding exercising. 

I’m sure you already know why. Let’s lay it out anyway. In an average year, you’d be struggling with normal issues. But now you’ve got to layer on the effects of: 

  • social isolation, 
  • job insecurity, 
  • burnout, 
  • loss of personal freedoms, 
  • uncertainty about everything,
  • and being bombarded with bad news and hysteria every time you read a paper, switch on the TV to watch the news, or check your social media account. 

It all adds up. 

Whether or not you’ve had a vaccine, it’s still important to make conscious decisions about how you approach your health. And that includes eating the right foods to provide you with the resilience, strength and energy to not just survive these challenging times but to get back to savouring life.

Join Dr Catriona Walsh in a nutrition masterclass where you’ll discover:

  • why counting calories will work against you and lead to long term weight gain,
  • how our dietary guidelines got it all wrong,
  • what you should be eating instead to manage your weight, boost your energy levels and immune system, even out your mood, and feel great. 

This class will be free to attend and run via Zoom on Thursday 29th April at 8pm. Anyone interested in taking part can register at :

Alternatively, email us at: or call 02879642677 and leave a voicemail with your details and we will get back to you.