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Poetry Evening in the Heritage and Cultural Centre

Organised by Raymond McNamee and compered by James Armour, the first poetry evening run by the Mghera Historical Society in the Heritage and Cultural Centre was a resounding success. Local poets read their work, old favourites were aired and the mood ranged from nostalgic and serious to humorous and witty. As it worked so well and everybody enjoyed it so much it has been decided to run a similar event in May so keep an eye out for the dIMG_2559ate.

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Poem Title                               Author                          Reciter


The Grassed Market;             Miller Kane           Raymond McNamee



The Lake Isle of Innishfree;  WB Yeats               Caroline O’Doherty

Digging                                  Seamus Heaney                  “

Mid- Term Break                   Seamus Heaney                   “



Mayogall Asses                      Miller Kane            Patricia Brodrick

Tamlaght O’Crilly                  Harry Armstrong                 “



The Moneysharvin Ball           Mick McAtamney    Peter Etherson

Donnellys Mill                         Mick McAtamney              “


Young Toms Creamery Can     Roy & Eliz Shiels     George Shiels

The Night The Auld Doll Died George Shiels                    “

Well Done My Son                    George Shiels                   “


Tom Gray’s Dream                  Retta Brown              Raymond McNamee

The Volunteer Organist           Gray & Lamb                           “


The Village where I was Born  Barney O’Kane         Joe McCoy

The Rowan Tree                                   “                              “


Drumnacannon bridge               Harry Armstrong      James Armour

The Arab Orange Lodge            Crawford Howard              “


The Cremation of Sam Magee   R W Service            Raymond McNamee

Fair Maiden                                PJ McMenamin                      “


Marquess of Queensbury Rules  Francie Kielt           Barney Kielt

Caskey’s Downfall                               “                               “


Green Eye of little Yellow God   Milton Hayes          Raymond McNamee

Me an Me Da                               WF Marshall           Raymond McNamee


The Master                                  Anne Brennan          Anne Brennan

Station Breakfast                                   “                                “


The Diagonal Steam Trap           Crawford Howard    Raymond McNamee

St Patrick & the Snakes                             “                               “


The Council & the Peacock        Francie Kielt             Barney Kielt

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